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Effective management and quality of the industry and trading are the way to enable our companies to compete in local . regional and international markets

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Is to bridge the gap in the industry and trading and development and transferring from advanced countries quickly and professionally to the national industry environment to enable our companies and factories of excellence and com petition and catching up with the advanced industries


Reaching to the global level in terms of quality and distinguished service

Profile of Alsayed Household Utensils Manufacturing Co. Ltd:

Company of alsayed household wares factory lid is one of the oldest , most important and largest leading companies in household wares industries aluminum utensils brand food does not stick on water and snow keepers-brand

In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and gulf region , it was founded in 1993 in holy Makkah , and we have work programs for the continued development for lift and double production capacity of the factory to cover the growing demand for factory products internally and externally , products of company of alsayed household wares factory ltd are externally .

– products of company of alsayed household wares factory ltd are charac-terized by the high quality and reasonable and competitive prices , and always strive for customer and consumer satisfaction, we continuously pian to develop and improve shape and quality , our centers and distributors are in most cities of the kingdom.

We also export to many arab and gulf countries and some African Countries.

Hisham abdul aziz alsayed commercial and industrial group is characterized by a sophisticates system with many different activities ( company of alsayed household wares factory and also hesham abdulazeez company ltd) Which is a company specializing in (trade household wares and rquipping hotels , restaurant and food company ltd and its branches in all regions of the kingdom is the ( the sole and exclusive agent ) for all products of company of alsayed houseware factory ltd in Saudi Arabia.

Profile of Hisham AbdulAziz Alsayed :

Establish on 1991
Head Office: Makkah
Branches : Riyadh, Madina, Khamis Mushit, Dammam, Hail and Skaka
We are pioneer and leader in wholesaler and preparation of Kitchen, Restaurant, Bakery, Catering Company and nutrition company .And we are ready for special orders The Main distributer of Alsayed Housed Hold Utensils Mfg. Co. Ltd. goods.

We have a team of committed individuals with a diverse set of skills. You can read more about our team below.

(Chairman of Board of Directors)

Mr. Hisham Alsayed

Owner and founder of the Hisham Abdulaziz Alsayed group, since its inception

(Chief Executive Officer)

Eng. Zaid Hisham Alsayed

has experience more than 10 years in manufacturing Eng. field, He received his BA in industrial and management engineering field from Arab academy for science and technology in Egypt

(Commercial Manager)

Mr. Sultan Hisham Alsayed

he has extensive experience in business development, marketing and sales. he received BA in Management field

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